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Clothes made from makeup removers? Face Halo says yes.

The following article originally appeared on Ragtrader. Click here to read the full article.

Australian beauty brand Face Halo has launched its own range of apparel, made from pre and post-consumer upcycled Face Halo products. 

The brand, which creates reusable makeup removers, has launched its Modern Merch collection using Face Halos sent back as part of its upcycling program.

The program encourages customers across Australia, North America and Europe to send back their used Face Halos to avoid them going into landfill.

Now, the business has a new way to upcycle them in the form of apparel.

Speaking on the launch, Face Halo co-founder Lizzy Pike said that its vital fashion works to change its design processes to incorporate sustainability.  

"The UN says that by 2050 the equivalent of almost three planets could be required to provide the natural resources needed to sustain current lifestyles given the growth in global population.

"Sustainable consumption demands cultural change.

"The best opportunity within the clothing lifecycle to increase longevity is at the design stage, as changes to design practices can have a significant impact on how long items remain wearable, design is key for innovation in environmental issues.

"We have to discover new ways of doing things and continually act as disruptors.

"We want to empower our customers to take pride in the fact that they’ve used our product, eliminated waste (by not using single use products) and can now purchase our upcycled apparel.

"It’s about selling a sustainable lifestyle," she said.  

Sustainability isn't a foreign concept to Face Halo, with the entire business founded on the concept of replacing single-use makeup wipes.

According to the business, since launch in 2017, Face Halo has prevented one billion single-use makeup wipes from entering landfill.

Each Face Halo pad replaces up to 500 makeup wipes and can be machine washed up to 200 times.

The upcycled Modern Merch OG collection spans shorts, singlets, t-shirts, trackpants and jumpers, while the Limited Edition collection features custom shoes, trackpants and jumpers.

Each piece is hand sewn and all Modern Merch orders will come with a tote bag and a small makeup pouch/wash bag, both made from excess and upcycled Face Halo packaging.

The Modern Merch collection is available exclusively on the Face Halo website.

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