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Face Halo upcycles old product into streetwear

The following article originally appeared on Esprit Magazine Australia. Click here to read the full article.

Face Halo has launched a range of clothing made from returned discarded product.

Each item of clothing in the range has been upcycled using Face Halos sent back as part of the brand’s upcycling program.

The program encourages customers to send back their used Face Halos to avoid them going into landfill.

The brand’s Modern Merch apparel collection features an exclusive OG collection and a Limited Edition collection.

“We want to empower our customers to take pride in the fact that they’ve used our product, eliminated waste by not using single use products, and can now purchase our upcycled apparel,” said co-founder of Face Halo, Lizzy Pike.

“It’s about selling a sustainable lifestyle.”

The OG collection features shorts, singlets, t-shirts, trackpants and jumpers while the Limited Edition collection includes custom shoes, trackpants and jumpers.

A bespoke Tote Bag will also be launching as a gift with purchase with all online orders, as well as a small makeup pouch/wash bag both made from excess and upcycled Face Halo packaging.

Face Halo was founded in 2017, with each product replacing up to 500 traditional makeup wipes.

One Face Halo is sold every 30 seconds globally.

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