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Steph Shepard, ex Kardashian-West Brands Chief Operating Officer, is a Face Halo fan

Steph Shep is probably best known for her role as chief operating officer of Kardashian West Brands. But since stepping down from that position in 2018, she's set her sights on another mission: saving the environment. The business-minded influencer is utilizing her vast social media presence and fame to educate others on how to go green with Future Earth, a community and online platform she founded early last year that "seeks to inspire meaningful engagement with the climate crisis through education on social media," she explains to

Why the interest in sustainable style now? "It is another pillar of my life where I am trying to make better choices," Shep says. "I believe the choices we make as consumers effects the trajectory of the market. If we stop buying clothes and products that are wasteful and harmful to the planet, then eventually these brands will start making better sustainable options."

She puts the onus back on those buying the products to become well-versed in the market. "We as consumers have the power to demand better, sustainable, transparent, and ethical business practices from the brands we love." In honor of Earth Day, Shep share the 13 must-haves in the realms of fashion, beauty, and beyond that reflect her simple, to-the-point shopping philosophy: "Reduce, reuse, recycle."


Face Halo

"My goal is to rid of all single-use items in my home so these reusable non-toxic rounds gently remove all my makeup without pulling on my skin while also helping me reduce my carbon footprint."


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