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The 12 new products GLAMOUR's beauty editor wants you to know about

(including the latest lipsticks from Hermès and Face Halo's new reusable exfoliating pad)

"From luxurious skincare that harnesses the latest intelligent ingredients to revive skin with a newfound glow, to warming new fragrances to wrap up in, to the array of sophisticated makeup, including weightless foundations and sunless self tans and complexion-boosting bronzers, there's always plenty to look forward to in the world of beauty, which is just as well seeing as we're all in need of some cheering up as well as some serious pampering.

This week, Hermès reveals their limited edition autumn/winter range of lipsticks, which include a trio of wearable shades to see us through to 2022. Plus, sustainable cleansing hero Face Halo has created an exfoliating version of their classic reusable pad to gently buff away dead skin cells. "

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