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Today I discovered that Victoria Beckham and I are basically the same woman. Despite a few teeny, tiny disparities – global fame, exorbitant wealth, immeasurable beauty and the most attractive husband alive – it appears Beckham and I have lots of things in common, namely the beauty products we use.

As revealed in an interview on the podcast Breaking Beauty this week, Beckham and I follow the same process when it comes to removing our makeup. The former Spice Girl shared that she uses sustainable makeup remover pads from Australian brand Face Halo when she’s ready to take off her face at the end of the day.

“I love those makeup wipes. They’re reusable and I’m obsessed with them! I use them all the time, and I take them everywhere. Harper loves them as well,” Beckham said, adding that son Brooklyn’s fiancé Nicola Peltz “was the one that actually introduced us to them.”


“The fact that you can reuse them is great, so they’re sustainable [which] is really key, and they take off make-up really, really well,” she continued. “They’re great and they’re soft on your eyes as well, so I really like them.”

The remover pads in question are made from microfibre material, which delicately removes makeup with only a small amount of water. They’re washable for up to 200 cycles, and a pack of three will only set you back $30 but most importantly, they do away with the need for wasteful single-use makeup wipes – saving more than 500 from landfill in the process.


This is an excerpt from by Kate Lancaster. Read the full article HERE. Cover image via Instagram: @victoriabeckham

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