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Your 2021 Guide to Treat Rosacea according to The Urban List

Tip: be Gentle! Solution: use a Face Halo!

"At best, a rosacea flare up can leave you looking sunburnt, or like you went a little bit too hard in your hot yoga class. At worst, it can leave you with rough, swollen skin covered in pimples, and a strong desire to lock yourself in the bathroom and stay there. Unfortunately for those of us who suffer through it on a regular basis, it’s not really known exactly what causes it, nor is there a hard and fast cure—but when it comes to rosacea, how to treat it and what causes it, there are things you can do that may help.

Shoshana Eisner, a pharmacist and sensitive skin expert who created QED Skincare specifically for people with sensitive skin conditions like rosacea, told us that “rosacea is a very common skin condition in Australia and often the stress of redness, flaky skin and itchiness itself makes the rosacea worse! Finding products that are super-gentle on the skin and offer maximum hydration is so very important to manage these sensitivities.”

Be Gentle

Whatever products you’re using, do it with a delicate touch. Use soft cloths like a Face Halo to gently remove makeup, and apply all those moisturisers with a gentle hand. Vigorous scrubbing isn’t going to do you any favours, so quit trying to rub off the rosacea with sheer willpower and be gentle on your cheeks."


This is an excerpt from an article from by Ranyhyn Laine. Read the full article HERE

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