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(NEW) Mini Angel Bundle

(NEW) Mini Angel Bundle
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Celebrate the ones that mean the most in your life with our limited edition Mini Angel bundle. Arriving just in time for Mother's Day, treat your mother, father, sister, bestie or any special someone with the gift of Face Halo and clean skin!

Bundle Contains:

1 x Face Halo Glow Skin Set

1 x Face Halo Body



1 x Face Halo Glow Skin Set - Your complete chemical free solution to clean skin. Remove, Cleanse and Exfoliate the day away with our 3 step system and water!

1 x Face Halo Body - Dual-sided body mitt, exfoliates and polishes skin from head to toe for a smoother, more radiant and flawless all-over complexion.

How to Use

How to Use: Wet your Face Halo with water and gently wipe in circular motions to remove make up and other impurities. Use exfoliating side to buff and smooth skin with water. Easy!

Care instructions: For best results we recommend hand washing your Face Halo with soap and warm water directly after using, then throwing into the washing machine once or twice a week, or as desired.

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