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Ask Chloe

Our Face Halo Queen Chloe Morello is here to answer your questions on all things wellness, makeup and skincare!
This month we had so many questions we decided to include a bunch.

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@victoriacamino: What are some other sustainable tips/hacks in your beauty & wellness regime?

1: Start with small steps; then slowly begin to implement other habits.
2: look for eco friendly replacements for disposable products. Face Halo can replace makeup wipes, cotton pads and cotton tips on most occasions for me!
3: spend a few minutes actually rinsing out the empty Haircare bottles, skincare tubes and body care tubs before disassembling and recycling them!
Invest in multifunctional products. Not only does it save you time & money but its more convenient & helps the environment if you have the one great tube of ‘perfect pink’ you can use on lips, cheeks and eyes!
Don’t wash your hair everyday! Use a non-aerosol dry shampoo to give you more time between washes, saving water and product!

@kynikoii: What do you do after a long day to cool off?

          After a long day to cool off I like to take off my mask and pop it in the washing basket, remove my makeup with face halo cherry morello, apply a light skincare regimen and put on my cosy house clothes! I enjoy lemon and ginger tea, and doing my nails while listening to a podcast!

@skylerabruscati: What is one wellness/beauty tip you used to swear by but now you regret?

One wellness or beauty tip I swore by that regret now? My friend in high school told me I’d get more tanned using baby oil, I tried it and got burnt! Luckily I only did it once, I can’t believe I tried that!!!

@AvaPike: If you weren't on social media/ an influencer, what would your dream job be?

If I weren’t on social media I like to think I would have become a policewoman, and ultimately a detective! Helping to solve crime and keeping people safe! I also enjoyed my job at a crematorium before I moved into makeup, so maybe I would still be working in deathcare. It was very rewarding to help the families through what is usually the most difficult time in their lives.