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Glow as Yourself

Maria is a loyal member of our #FaceHaloFam. She says she's, "just an ordinary girl who strives to achieve her goals in life while attaining a beautiful glow both inside and out!"


Watch Maria's Glow As Yourself Video here!

Alex is a talented makeup artist who has the life threatening illness, cystic fibrosis.


Alex says her illness drives her passion for makeup and expressing herself. She's all about raising awareness for the condition

Mona says, "This look reminds me when my twins were born. This is the first doll I bought for them from California and my twins asked me to wear the same make up .
I have decided to wear it to make them happy especially at this time. Make up is my passion , my hobby and my soul."

Shivali is wearing a glam smokey look. She says, "it makes me feel confident and comfortable." Her secret to glowing as herself is, "I start each day by telling myself something positive. Like how lovely I look or how blessed and grateful i am. I make sure to treat myself with absolute love and respect".

Yassy is a mother of two and a business owner. She chose this stunning look with pink and gold tones as they are two of her favourite colours and complement her favourite feature - her eyes!
She says, "Makeup is one of those things that makes me feel confident - not really that I need it - but it makes me feel like a whole new person and a whole new vibe"

You can watch Yassy's Glow As Yourself video here!


Ebi says, "I found my glow when I found those who encouraged and supported me. Surround yourself with people who don't dim your shine."

“I love a little bit of glam.
I feel like its really important when you are doing your makeup to still feel like yourself.You just want to keep it you, fun, glow, happy, however you like to feel best. “

Victoria is a makeup artist from Melbourne. She chose this look as it's a bit fun, glowy and 90s (she's a 90's baby). Victoria loves the confidence that comes with getting older and the more love she find for herself. She believes that as long as you're authentic to yourself you'll go a very long way!

Fahreen says, "I'm a mum so it is really hard sometimes to find some time to yourself and just do something that makes you feel good. Skincare is my go-to, it automatically makes me feel better. I just feel glowy after I've done a really good skincare routine. I feel like I've done something great."

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