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Glow Dry

If you've ever fake tanned then you know the struggle of tacky skin, stained sheets and clothing and that gross wet feeling. That's why we were thrilled to learn Fiona from Glow Dry has created a solution - GlowDry fake tan drying powder (GENIUS!). Fiona told us more about her brilliant idea and her brand which has taken the tanning world by storm!!


Fiona -

"I’ve always fake tanning, I have the typical pale Irish skin with too many freckles too count. While I’ve grown to love my pale alabaster skin, I also love the confident glow a layer of fake tan gives me, I just feel like I’m just not usually happy self if I’ve not fake tanned.


I’ve been fake tanning for over half my life my now, I love it that much I fake it at least once a week. My love for a faux glow led me to setting up a my first business as a spray tan artist in Perth, Western Australia. I just loved the smile on every woman’s face after seeing their spray tan application.


However the more I spray tanned my clients and self tanned myself I always noticed one common thing – the uncomfortable, sticky feeling once it was applied. I felt this even more after becoming a new mum and having less time for my beauty routine. One evening I had applied my tan and had to attend to my son, I had the dreaded fake tan disaster where I got tan on my son, I was embarrassed.


So I thought there had to be a better way to fake tan and make the ‘marinating’ process more tolerably and avoid the tanning disasters, like getting tan on other humans and staining the sheets.

I thought that a powder finish, like a setting powder over your make up would be genius genius idea. As part of spray tan training I was thought to use talc to help dry the spray tan, it always left white marks and never really liked using talc with all the best press it was getting relating to contamination with asbestos.

So I set out to create a solution not only for me but for other fake tan lovers like me.


I played around with different powders, even trying cacao powder lol. I really enjoyed this process, it was way too much fun. I then came across a beautiful clay that I source directly down south in Western Australia. This combined with another absorbing powder works wonders in our formula. GlowDry – fake tan drying powder was born, this name is a play on the word BlowDry – I also my blow dries lol and for me it’s the final touch, the last styling step / top coat if you wish and that’s how I picture GlowDry – that last final step that seals in your tan.


I started out making GlowDry in my kitchen, it then moved very quickly to my contract manufacturer based here in Perth Western Australia.


I launched the business online in October 2018 and have since launched a refill option of our powder and a spray option, perfect for traveling or topping up your tan on the go.

I also created and developed a fake tan removing bath bomb that removed fake tan in ten minutes and have so much more game changing and multi tasking products on the way. My mind just never stops with ideas relating to fake tanning.


We now have over 60 stockists worldwide, have been featured on Vogue, Daily Mail and PopSugar and GlowDry is used by a celebrity spray tan artist that spray tans one of the most popular families in the world, can you guess who they are?'