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Why Cosmetic Physician, Dr Katina Koukourou Recommends Face Halo


Face Halo is the fast, effective and simple way to remove makeup, and according to dermal expert Dr Katina Koukourou, the benefits of using Face Halo go further than simply skin deep.


Dr Katina Koukourou,  Cosmetic Physician and General Practitioner, says "Face Halo also provides a deep clean, removes all impurities and gently exfoliates, promoting blood flow and new skin cell regeneration."


We caught up with Dr Koukourou to find out more about why she recommends Face Halo...


Why do you recommend Face Halo?

As a cosmetic physician, I am always looking for products that are effective yet gentle to recommend to my clients. No matter what skin type, sensitivity or condition I am always confident to recommend Face Halo.


Why is Face Halo better for my skin?

The key to a healthy skin regime is cleansing. I recommend Face Halo for the most effective chemical free cleanse of any product I’ve tested as it provides both a deep clean removing all impurities and gently exfoliates, promoting blood flow and new skin cell regeneration.


How does Face Halo get everything out of my pores?

It is really important for patients/clients to cleanse their skin thoroughly before they come in for a treatment. I feel confident knowing my clients have cleansed their skin with Face Halo as this ensures that Bacteria has been removed from the skin which decreases the risk of potential infection when they have a procedure.


Is Face Halo better for sensitive skin?

When it comes to looking after sensitive or acne prone skin, effective cleansing is essential. I recommend avoiding products that may strip the skin of natural oils. Face Halo is the perfect solution, it cleanses gently and effectively, is chemically inert and Ph neutral, ensuring the skin maintains its natural oils and balance.


Dr Katina Koukourou (BMBS, FRACGP - Cosmetic Doctor and General Practitioner) specialises in cosmetic injectables (muscle relaxants and skin volumisers), Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Facial Rejuvenation and Photo Dynamic Therapy (PDT) delivering a range of aesthetic age reduction treatments for men and women. Find out more >