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Having 7 kids between us (including a set of twins each) has made us look for simple solutions, become genius problem solvers and also want a safe and environmentally gentle way to do things. We felt there wasn’t a makeup remover that ticked all these boxes. Too many steps and instructions, often too messy, tedious and had us running to the store to buy more and more, and we were never sure what was going on our face.

So we combined Lizzy’s 15 years experience with microfiber technology and Bec’s low threshold for tedious tasks, to inspire us to create Face Halo. We are beyond excited about the results and want to share it with every makeup loving person who is busy and wants to go to bed knowing their face is actually clean.

We even came up with a way to show you how clean your face will be, using an orange! We call it The Halo Effect. 

Please enjoy our online store and do not hesitate to ask us questions, give us feedback and make suggestions. We made this for you as much as we made it for us!

Above all, we want you to feel good about taking your makeup off!

Bec & Lizzy