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Face Halo Reviews

"Face dream. This really had me shook the first time that I used it. How does it do it?! No cleanser, no makeup remover, just water! It’s like magic. I'm so impressed with how easy, and how it really works. You need to try this. I will never buy makeup remover again. My new little love.”


"My new favorite makeup remover! Ever since I’ve gotten eyelash extensions I had to give up my ultimate fave - cleansing oil. I’ll admit finding something that removes makeup as well as oil-based products has been extremely tough, but I’m in love with this @facehalo pro. All you have to do is add water and wipe off your makeup... no soap needed! My skin (and lashes... and bank account! ) love it!"

- @everydaygirllex

"Absolutely loving the Facehalo Glow Skin Set! Removalist and cleanser Facehalo take off the makeup (even waterproof makeup) easily and skin feels super clean!
This set also includes a new exfoliating Face halo which removes the dead skin and makes it look so glowy ✨ I love how gently it exfoliates my skin! Love this Set 💖" -Face Halo Customer - Maria A.

"Attention fly girls and beauty lovers...this little gem will take you from full beat to ready to sleep with just water! Makeup wipes were irritating my skin; not to mention all the waste they create. The @facehalo is reusable and travels well. It takes off even the most stubborn liquid lip with just water. Happy flying"

- @iamsoniar

"Best thing I’ve ever found!! Been using them a few years now and the amount I would of saved on wipes and eye makeup remover is substantial plus I’m helping the environment and my skin all in one day!!I love that they brought out the red! I love how soft but thick they are.
Well done face halo keep up the good work!!" -Face Halo Customer Natalie M.

I don’t think I can spread the word on fast enough...

@facehalo is INSANELY great! No harsh rubbing or tugging, removes my makeup completely. I love that it’s eco-friendly and amazing for my sensitive skin. I’m hooked!!

I now look forward to taking my make up off."

- @misseunice22

"If you aren’t using @facehalo  are you even removing your makeup addicted to these fibre pillows of Cloud ”

- @aishadzevlan

"I saw @facehalo on my good friend @jamiemakeup insta and for a little nervous about it. You use these amazing face halo pads, add water and poof! The makeup it taken off the skin. I was so scared at first because no soap is needed! Crazy, right? But then got excited because they use these super fine halo strands that grab all the dirt and makeup off your face. "

- @beautymomme

"So I’m gushing over two things right now. 1. How easy and efficiently these Face Halo pads wipe away my makeup. And 2. How much money  I’m going to be saving."


Honestly the Face Halo Body has blown my mind. I’ve been using this non stop each day. I’m loving that it has an exfoliating side it feels like you’ve just got a new layer of skin on, especially on those days you just feel like there’s an extra layer of grime on your skin you just want to peel off. Boy oh boy the polish side is sooooo soft... It’s very soothing on the skin it’s the right kind of gentleness you need after an exfoliation. -Cherie. P

"If you’re in search of a super affordable, non-toxic cleanser + eye-makeup remover that doesn’t irritate your eyes + strips all the skank away like magic with nothing more than warm water, you need these."

- @savoringtheflavoring

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