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5 Products to Remove Stubborn Spooky Season Makeup and Restore your Skin

It's officially Spooky Season with celebrations like Dia De Muertos and Halloween fast approaching. We're thrilled to be mentioned in this article on which narrows down the best ways to remove stubborn and heavy-duty holiday makeup and restore your skin.

Face Halo X

Face Halo X is the ULTIMATE precision makeup remover! The small pad fits over your finger and allows touch-ups and makeup removal from delicate or hard to reach areas of the face. Uneven eyeliner? No problem! Face Halo X can fix your mistakes without ruining the rest of your look. Simply add water and let the HaloTech fibers do the rest.

Face Halo Body

Face Halo Body is the perfect in-shower exfoliating and polishing tool, but did you know it's also amazing at removing body makeup and paint? If you're going for the all over body paint look, it can seem a bit intimidating when it comes to removal. Not to worry, Face Halo Body can help to cleanse and polish skin removing any makeup or paint residue from deep within pores whilst also covering a large surface area. Your skin will be clean in no time!


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