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Victoria Beckham Reveals that Face Halo is her favourite affordable Aussie beauty product

Victoria Beckham reveals the affordable Aussie beauty product she and her family swear by when travelling

  • Victoria Beckham said she never travels without an Australian skincare product
  • The 47-year-old fashion designer uses Face Halo to take off her makeup
  • It's a microfibre makeup remover that wipes away cosmetics using only water
  • Created by Perth woman Lizzy Pike, they are an alternative to single-use wipes
  • Victoria said her daughter Harper and son Brooklyn's girlfriend also use them

Victoria Beckham has revealed she never travels without an affordable beauty product from an Australian skincare brand.

In an episode of the Breaking Beauty podcast, the 47-year-old British fashion designer told hosts Jill Dunne and Carolene Higgins she uses Face Halo microfibre pads to take off her makeup at night.

Created by Perth businesswoman Lizzy Pike as a sustainable alternative to single-use face wipes, the cloth exfoliates skin and strips away cosmetics using nothing but water.

The pads, which cost $30 for packs of three, are a favourite of the Beckham family, with Victoria revealing they're also used by her nine-year-old daughter Harper and son Brooklyn's 26-year-old fiancée, Nicola Peltz.

The double-sided pads, which are reusable for up to 200 machine washes, are marketed as the 'ultimate' environmentally-conscious way to remove makeup, sunscreen, fake tan and face masks.

One pad replaces roughly 500 traditional wipes, preventing one billion disposables from being thrown into landfill and oceans over the past four years.

Beloved by a slew of celebrities including Naomi Watts, Gwyneth Paltrow and British popstar Jess Glynne, Face Halo has built a cult following since launching in Australia in 2017.

Founder Lizzy Pike previously told Daily Mail Australia about the inspiration for her industry-leading business, which generated $1million (AUD) in sales during its first six months.

Ms Pike said the Eureka moment came when a friend of 20 years said she 'couldn't be bothered' removing her makeup after a long distance flight.

The entrepreneur, who has 15 years experience in microfibre technology, knew of the fabric's power to clean all manner of household surfaces and wondered if it could work just as well on the face.

The very next day, the ambitious mother set to work on developing a microfibre makeup remover.

The Face Halo cloth is unlike other makeup removers on the market, insofar as it is a one-step process that uses no chemicals and produces no waste.

'Microfibre itself isn't new, but it's 100 times finer than human hair, and by mixing the Face Halo with water, the fibres get deep down in to the pores and lift out trapped makeup, dirt and oil off the skin,' Ms Pike said.

The pads are also significantly cheaper than most cleansers and toners on the market.


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