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Face Halo - Pack of 3

Face Halo - Pack of 3
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FACE HALO comes in a pack of 3 for US $ 22

The Face Halo reusable makeup remover pads effectively wipe makeup off and gently cleanse your skin by using a specially designed microfiber and only water.  It is non-toxic, sustainable and suitable for all skin types. Our plush microfibers gently lift makeup from deep within your pores so everything from foundation and blush to eyeshadow and mascara is removed easily, faster and less cost to you and the planet.  Each pad is reusable for around 200 wash cycles.


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Lyndi Thies
Columbia, Missouri

Losing eyelashes

I love these! I wasn’t getting the face halo wet enough at first or holding it on my eye before wiping away mascara and it was ripping my eyelashes out so that was frustrating. But now I have it figured out and I love using them!

Taylor W.

Literally SHOOKETH

I just ordered this last week and used it for the first time 20 minutes ago. Since then I have been sitting in my bed SHOOK by how easy it was to use and how it took off my full face of makeup like it was nothing! I stopped using makeup wipes last year because they tended to irritate my skin and turned to an oil cleanser which worked well but struggled in the mascara department. I saw Jackie Aina’s review on this product a while ago but doubted that it worked. I don’t know what moved me to purchase this, I strongly feel it was the coupon code and free shipping, but this is one of the best purchases I have ever made. I have shared this on all my socials and sent the link to this website to all my friends. Thank you for such an easy to use, non irritating, effective product!!!



As I'm sure many people are, I was initially skeptical that this product could work with just water taking off my makeup. I wear color corrective concealer, high pigmented concealer & foundation, setting powder, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and waterproof mascara so I was skeptical that it was going to take all that off. I was SO WRONG. It takes EVERYTHING off without a trace. It's crazy how it works; like I don't even understand how it can work on waterproof mascara. Doesn't make sense, but it does. Although I will say it takes a few more seconds of holding the pad over my eye makeup than probably someone who has regular mascara or no mascara, but I only have to hold it on there for like 20-30 seconds per eye and then it wipes off fairly easily. I never find myself harshly rubbing the area to get it off. I usually get almost all makeup off using just one side and then I flip it over to get any remainder that might be leftover, which usually very little, if any. I've even cleaned it out and gone over it again after that just to see if there was anymore but it was completely clean. So I was able to get everything off with just water! I love this product so much because I've tried many things and they all seem to irritate my eyes or cause me to breakout, but being able to use just water solved all of my problems! It also helps me in my efforts to reduce my waste because I'm not constantly throwing out makeup wipes, cotton rounds, plastic makeup remover bottles, etc. Saves money too. I never have to buy any of that now! I never write this long of reviews, so that should tell you how much I love this product!



Face Halo kept popping up on my Instagram and I thought it was just another gimmick. I'm not one to buy into things that I see online, so I did quite a bit of research before purchasing one... I've always suffered with my skin since I was a teenager, taking my acne with me into adulthood. I've tried absolutely everything on the market to help keep the spots at bay, but of course nothing has worked... until I started using Face Halo! I've been using it since March now and I can honestly say that my skin has never been so good. I still get the odd spot once and while, but from what it was, it's a miracle. I can only put it down to the fact that Face Halo only requires water. Now I'm not using nasty make-up wipes that leave a residue across your skin, nor am I using strong face washes and soaps to scrub at it. I can honestly say that this is one the best things I've ever bought! It really does take off every scrap of make up (even tough mascara) in the matter of minutes. I even use it if I haven't worn make up that day. It just makes your skin feel so clean. It is brilliant. Plus you save money by not buying make-up wipes every month (win!) and it's better for the environment (double win!) My only advice is to buy one! (or three, or four)... I can't rave about it enough. Face Halo I love you!


Good, but a lot of effort

I think these are pretty good at removing make up, but I still wash my face afterwards and use Micellar water as there is always make-up left on my face. It also won't remove certain mascaras (even with their tip of holding it on a bit longer) and I don't like having to rub something around the eye area. The thing that bothers me the most is having to wash them out after each use. A lot of people use these so they don't have to use/waste wipes or cotton pads, but what about all the water (and soap) you need to use to wash them out after each use? I hate having to put my hands (and nails) in so much water, too. I like these, but I still use cleanser and a tonic with pads in order to get my face clean.

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